The consultants

Via Aqua performance and efficiency very much relies on the long and complementary experiences of its consultants.

Specialists in the seafood industry and food markets for more than 25 years, we offer a comprehensive yet unusual approach of the seafood chain, from the living resources to the supermarkets. We forged our experience and competencies in different kinds of public and private companies, with appointments in production, R&D, Marketing, sales management and general management, prior to carrying out many consulting contracts in France and overseas.

These years of experience allowed us to build a wide network of technical partners who can provide complementary skills if need be.

Benoit Vidal-Giraud - Via Aqua Benoit Vidal-Giraud

Agronomist Engineer and General Management of aquaculture and processing companies. Expert in seafood chain. Founder of Via Aqua.

Alain Caillat

Food Engineer and expert in Marketing and identification of growth and value added potentials.

Alain Caillat - Via Aqua

Pierre Etienne Rollet - Via Aqua Pierre-Etienne Rollet

Agronomist Engineer. International expertise in Seafood processing and quality.